What can you expect from the unexpected?

No one starts their day expecting something bad to happen. Whether you need a tow on the Mass Pike or a local road, we’re AAA-affiliated and have a fleet of twelve towing
and recovery vehicles at the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The type of tow truck you need depends on a few factors; type of vehicle and condition. 

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R.W.’s Towing has been serving the roadside and vehicle transporting for 3 generations. With a fleet of over 12 tow trucks, we can handle most roadside service challenges and meet every towing need. We offer light duty towing, medium duty towing, heavy duty towing and specialized trailer transport.   One or more of our tow trucks are always out on the road providing quality service to both individual and commercial towing customers. We proudly serve the Massachusetts Department of Transportation – Highway Division on the Mass Turnpike; servicing the towns of West Stockbridge, Stockbridge, Lee, Otis, Becket, Chester and Blandford; readily available 24/7/365. A truck will be dispatched to your location either now, or at a planned time of your choosing.

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Flatbed Towing

The most popular type of tow specifically because it is the safest for vehicles and boats including all-wheel drive vehicles. Because this method will not scratch the vehicle’s bumper it is the most commonly used for roadside assistance.

Our flatbeds are equipped with wheel lifts, which enable us to tow two cars at once, as well as a side-mounted hook and chain for recovering vehicles that happen to be off-road.

Integrated Towing
Our integrated tow trucks are the optimal choice when transporting heavy-duty equipment (ie. tractor trailers and buses) up to 35 tons. This specialized option features a tow arm built into truck’s core, equipped with extra axles for additional stability and strength.


Medium-Duty Flatbed Towing
Capable of hauling up to 33,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). Hauls include: manlifts, farm tractors and other large equipment.

Heavy-Duty Towing
Capable of hauling larger equipment: excavator, bulldozer and sliding axle trailers.

First Response Cleanup Truck
First response hazardous recovery: fuel, oil, anti-freeze and hydraulic fluid spills and one of the most vital roles, second only to EMS in a dangerous accident. We work with state and environmental regulations.

We have two sliding axles trailers available for hauling large quantities.

Other Equipment
Fork truck, loader, scissor lift, bucket truck available.

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Heavy-Duty Rotator Towing
Capable for full recoveries over embankments and both tractors & trailers tows.
Additionally, the Rotator has the ability to deck and
un-deck semi-trucks with the use of the crane. 

Heavy Duty Rotator Tow Truck
R.W.s Jake Brunnell with Rotator Tow Truck
Flat-bed Tow Truck picking up storage container
Flat-bed tow truck unloading shipping container